Buzz Tunes - The Ever Evolving Sound of "Little Barrie"

Artist: Little Barrie
Genres: Alt. rock, Garage rock, British rhythm and blues, Neo-psychedelia, Blues rock, Funk
Formed: 2000
Hometown: Nottingham, England.

From the very first listen of Little Barrie we were hooked. Their sound is like a mashed-together version of so many of the bands we love that it was a natural. We hear Oasis, Kasabian, The Stone Roses, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and That Petrol Emotion just to name a few. What’s more surprising though is that we had never heard of them until just a few weeks ago. How a band this good could elude our musical radar for so long is beyond us. We’re just glad we found them. Enjoy.

Albums from Little Barrie:
We Are Little Barrie – June 2005 (US)
Stand Your Ground – January 2007 (UK/US)
King of the Waves – June 2011 (UK/US)
Shadow – May 2014 (UK/US)