Bass Drum of Death: Two Guitarists and a Drummer

Artist: Bass Drum of Death
Genres: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Garage Punk, Punk Rock
Formed: 2008
Hometown: Oxford, Mississippi

Two guitarists and a drummer is something we would have never guessed from the level of sound coming from Bass Drum of Death. These dudes are full of piss and vinegar and it’s hard not to get hyped up and want to break something when you listen to them. Sort of like that balance between Red Bull and vodka when you go a bit too heavy on the Red Bull part and end up breaking shit in the china shop.

Like many bands, “In May 2015, John Barrett announced through the band's social media accounts, that Bass Drum of Death would be going on a hiatus citing ‘personal issues.’” Boo hoo, another band that can’t get along. Why can’t they just do it for the music and for the people? That’s the problem when you put multiple artist types together, whether it’s one room or on tour. Feelings get hurt, egos get bruised. Faces get punched. Us being dirt bike riders and racers it sounds a bit too familiar, doesn’t it? Regardless of all the behind the scenes band bullshit, no bullshit, these guys are a must-see-live band that we’d like to experience one day. Give them a listen and prepare to break shit!

Music from Bass Drum of Death:
Rip This (2014) LP
Bass Drum of Death (2013) LP
GB City (2011) LP
High School Roaches (2010) EP
Stain Stick Skin (2008) EP