Buzz Tunes: Monophonics - SF Bay Area Psychedelic Soul

Artist: Monophonics
Genres: Alternative, Rock, Soul, Psychedelic Soul
Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area
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The Monophonics have a clean sound that is nothing short of refreshing. With their infectious 60s/Motown vibe, the San Francisco bay area sextet creates their own unique sound; what they’ve dubbed “Psychedelic Soul.” Whatever you want to call it, we think it’s fun and funky and makes us feel good as we bob our head, tap a foot and snap our fingers. And from what we hear, the band puts on one hell of a good live show, something we plan to see for ourselves this August when they play the Huckleberry Jam in Donnelly, Idaho. We already missed an opportunity to see the Monophonics while visiting the bay area last year and you can bet we won’t let that happen again.

Music from Monophonics:

2015 –   Sound of Sinning  – LP

2015 –  Sound of Sinning – LP

2012 –  In Your Brain  – LP

2012 – In Your Brain – LP

2010 –  Into the Infrasounds  – LP

2010 – Into the Infrasounds – LP

2007 –  Playin & Simple  – LP

2007 – Playin & Simple – LP