Buzz Tunes: Ephemerals – London Soul Family

Artist: Ephemerals
Genres: Soul, Funk, Northern Funk
Hometown: London, UK

London based septet Ephemerals is a recent discovery found through the Brighton, UK based Jalapeno Records label. Jalapeno is the label distributing another of our new favorites Smoove and Turrell and they specialize in distributing and promoting UK based funk, soul and dance music artists. While perusing the label’s website one day we happened upon a video from the Ephemerals and were hooked immediately by the soulful sound of the lead singer's voice backed by smooth keyboard, drum, guitar and horn sections. Aptly described by Jalapeno as a “London based soul family” this seven-piece band are currently only touring in Europe and the UK; though we hope one day they will be able to make the trip overseas for or an American tour. We know when they do, we’ll be there. In the meantime, this band may just be the ideal excuse for us to finally make a trip back to the UK. Listen and love the Ephemerals:

Music from Ephemerals Available on iTunes:
2016 – Everyday Killers (EP)
2015 – Chasin Ghosts
2015 – You’ll Never See Me Cry (EP)
2015 – Life is Good (EP)
2014 – Nothin Is Easy
2014 – You Made Us Change (EP)