Buzz Tunes: WATERS - What's Real

Artist: WATERS
Album: What’s Real
Release Date: April 6, 2015
Genres: Rock, Alternative
From: San Francisco / Norway

This is one of those happy accidents that often occurs while perusing the interwebs. In this particular case we were doing research on New Orleans and, while in the midst of browsing the hashtag #nola on Instagram, happened upon a funny post by an account called @waterstheband. The photo was of a group of four standing near what looked to be the Mississippi River pointing at a barge. The caption read: “Day off in New Orleans! This photo was taken right before we were frisked by cops for trespassing.” Well of course this immediately piqued our interest and we were off and googling, watching videos, and purchasing songs.

A little background. Established in 2011, WATERS was formed by Van Pierszalowski, frontman of the now defunct acoustic, folk and indie rock band Port O'Brien. Though the band is pretty new to the scene, WATERS have already released two albums; 2011’s Out in the Light, and the 2015 release What’s Real, which is previewed here. We haven’t listened to the first album much yet but we’re digging the sound of What’s Real. But don't just take our word, give them a listen for yourself and see what WATERS is all about in this What’s Real Playlist:

Music from The Milk Available on iTunes:
2015 – What’s Real
2011 – Out in the Light

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