Product Buzz: The Original Whisker Dam

In the last five years it seems as though facial hair has become as fashionable as a 70s male perm. Unruly beards and wiley mustaches similar to those worn by a nineteenth century Parisian dandy are the norm these days. So what’s a mustachioed motorcycle rider to do when his handlebars of hair get in the way of the simple pleasure of quaffing a beer? Enter the Whisker Dam. A product so simple, yet so clever, it just plain makes sense.

How does it work?

According to the website, “the Whisker Dam is an easy to use solution for guarding your stache from the indulgent beverages one may consume. When it comes to moustache guards you will not find a more premium product. Made from 100% Copper, dressed with a timeless patina and coated with a non-toxic barrier, the Whisker Dam has been handcrafted to perfection.” Sounds pretty good, but let’s see it in action:

Whisker Dam embraces the rich history of gentlemen, and their luxurious stashes. Throughout the ages, it is apparent that there has always been a battle between a man’s perfectly groomed stash and fluid elements that try to saturate it. Since the 1800’s gentlemen have been creating various contraptions to protect their magnificent Whiskers.

Whisker Dam - $ 20.00 USD
Whisker Dam & Pouch - $25.00
Leather Pouch - $10.00

Purchase the Whisker Dam: HERE.