Product Buzz: Humblecock Clothing

hum-ble-cock / h^m bel kok/ n. 1. a quietly confident individual who does not brag or otherwise flaunt his successes. 2. one who chooses to forgo arrogance in favor of modesty.

After reading this definition, and without even seeing a single product, we knew we were going to like this brand. After all, who out there doesn’t have someone in mind right this very instant that represents the exact opposite of the humblecock: the Peacock. You know, the one that thinks the entire world revolves around him; always tooting his own horn, pulling his own chain. The humblecock is just the opposite. He lets his actions speak volumes and lets hard work determine his outcome. The word braggart isn't even in his vocabulary.

The name alone is certain to grab attention and we think this brand has a lot of potential. The designs are right there on par with about anything out there on the market right now; and after speaking with one of the owners, he assured me that they only want quality garments in their product line. With this in mind, we introduce the Humblecock line of clothing and accessories.