Buzz Tunes: The Milk - Favourite Worry

Artist: The Milk
Album: Favourite Worry
Release Date: October 15, 2015
Genres: Rock, R & B, Soul, Roots
Hometown: London, UK

Happened upon while watching iTunes Festival 2012 London, The Milk has a funky sound with a distinctively cool, lead singer voice that immediately stood out among the many shows we watched that year. The majority of the tunes played then were from their 2012 release Tales from the Thames Delta and funky as all get out. Fast forward to 2015 and The Milk is back with their second full-length release, Favourite Worry. This time the sound is mellower, a bit more soulful—and dare we say—almost Motown in nature. For you fans of 60s era soul/funk out there: rejoice. In a saturated genre The Milk stands out with its clean, tight sound. Give them a listen for yourself and get ready to take a trip to soultown.

Music from The Milk Available on iTunes:
2015 – Favourite Worry
2012 – Tales from the Thames Delta

For those still interested, here a few tunes from 2012's, Tales from the Thames Delta: