Product Buzz: Dropcatch Bottle Opener

Our Texas pal Brian Pierce sent us a custom Seat Time engraved beer bottle opener a few weeks back after we saw one on his website. Being that everything is bigger in Texas, we automatically assumed this super-trick, bad-daddy magnetic bottle opener was a local product Brian had sourced there in Texas. Come to find out, Dropcatch is a brand that hails from the windy city, Chicago, Illinois. Regardless of its origins, upon its arrival we put the Dropcatch to work by fastening it to our refrigerator and began cracking beer after beer in flawless fashion. We were hooked!

How exactly does it work?

What’s cool about this product, is that the super strong magnet used to hold the Dropcatch to any magnetic surface, also serves as the catch for bottle caps. So in one fluid motion, you crack open a bottle of brew, catch the cap on the magnetic surface, and you’re off and pouring without a hitch. See it in action:

A Quality Product from Two Dudes Out of the Midwest

The back story to the Dropcatch is a good one, and these two guys are committed to making quality products in the United States. They employ numerous local workers in the Chicago area and “source large-scale wood and metal fabrication from several manufacturers in the area.”

Product Details:

  • Opens all bottle types and is a great gift for the beer buff in your life
  • Two wood grain options available: Baltic Birch wood, covered with a beautiful walnut stain; or quartersawn walnut wood, flanked by two maple inlays; both finished in lacquer
  • Opener can be magnetically mounted or wall mounted (longer screws included)
  • Two customization options available: “Initials,” a 3-character engraving customization, and “Banner,” a 12-character engraving version
  • Magnetic base holds over 70 bottle caps
  • Measures 8"(L) x 3.25"(W) x .75”(H)

Cost: $ 60 USD

Our Take:

How many times have you seen or used a product and laughed out loud with how simple the concept is, yet for some reason, no one ever thought of it. You know, one of those, “why didn’t I think of that!” moments. That’s the Dropcatch in a nutshell; an amazingly simple design that works flawlessly.

Buzz: No more chasing loose, errant bottle caps, the Dropcatch catches them with ease while at the same time adds style points to your drinking game. The kickass magnet is super strong and holds up to 70 bottle caps.

Buzzkill: We personally have no complaints, but if we were to think like a rookie beer drinker, the Dropcatch could possibly be a bit intimidating to the first time user. Full commitment is a must when cracking open a freshie in order to avoid dumping beer down the side of your fridge or wall. A smooth, confident bottle opening technique is a must.


Order a Seat Time Custom Dropcatch Opener HERE.

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