Beer Buzz: Belhaven Black Scottish Stout

Here at Dirt Buzz we like a good brew as much as we like velcro dirt after an overnight soaker. That's why we figured we may as well share our love for the many delicious varieties of barley, malt, and hop goodness available today. Has there ever been a better time to be a beer drinker? We think not.

So, with this in mind, each week we aim to bring you a short review of one of our favorite beers of the moment; a recent discovery perhaps, or a there's-no-way-you-can-miss-this-one suggestion. We apologize ahead of time if we come across as beer geeks; or even worse beer snobs. But we're okay with that. For those of you out there that love beer as much as we do, we hope you will appreciate our efforts to share our favorite beer experiences.

First up: Belhaven Black Scottish Stout from Belhaven Brewery Company Ltd.

Belhaven Black

Where do I start, except to say this beer is super smooth! The epitome of creamy, chocolatey goodness, this english draught style stout is perfect for a mid-week session without the worry of going too big. With a 4.20% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) this beer lacks the punch of many other dark beers but makes up for it through its silky-smooth deliciousness.

Similar in pour to the Guinness "widget top" Draught in a can, Belhaven Black lives up its name as it settles in the glass with a dark, ruddy hue. As a result of its draught style, this beer drinks like a nitro, with a smooth, non-bitter taste and creamy finish. So if you're a fan of dark beers, but want something that won't punish you when the morning alarm sounds mid-week, this is a nice option.

Buzz: As silky smooth as they come, this is an easy to drink, session beer.

Buzzkill: At 4.20% ABV it takes quite a few of these to break the tire loose.

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Brewer Info: Belhaven Brewery Company Ltd.