Upshift March Now Available Online

Issue Description:

"2018 is marching along for the Upshift team. This month we catch up with Tim Burke in Ecuador and take a deeper look at our Africa Twin project bike. Issue 19 is packed full of inspiring photos and insightful gear reviews from around the industry. While snow-bikes get their own spotlight in Colorado, our very own Simon Cudby and racing legend Quinn Cody take a couple of KTM Adventure bikes for a desert excursion. Lastly, don’t miss our peek into Baja 1000 winner Jimmy Lewis’ off-road riding school. Read more of what’s going on in our world of ADV. 
Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a week-long trek, a sense of adventure, an exciting destination and a two-wheel mechanical companion are all you need to make an escape from reality possible. We are committed to inspiring your adventure-related resolutions."