Ballzapallooza 5 Event Recap // Seat Time Video


Video and Event Description:

"Ballzapallooza is an Extreme Enduro style event that is unlike any other. It was crafted around a fireplace and is put on for the fans. While riders try to conquer the gnarly terrain as fast as possible, spectators try to drink and taunt the riders for the entirety of the day. Both are daunting tasks.

Team AllBallz and Friends, a local group of Texans, have been putting some form of Ballzapallooza on since 2009, with a few years off here and there. They round up willing riders, layout the sections and judge the event. It's not just a one-day event for those behind the scenes.

Ballz 5 was won by Haydn Franklin, a multi-time Ballzapallooza winner. Lane Conway has been close multi times now at dethroning Franklin. Todd Slavik is old, but we love him and glad he's still at the top. Congrats to all the others riders who took part in the event, you all have issues.

As for the spectators, it's the best group of fans anyone could ask for. We heckle, we drink and we are sure as shit merry!" - Brian Pierce