Seat Time Adventures 3.0 | Day 1 & 2 Recap

Day 1 & 2 Recap of Seat Time Adventures based out of Sargents, Colorado.

As you know, Seat Time is all about a good time on dirt bikes. Luckily our first day riding dirt bikes on Seat Time Adventures 3.0 was a complete success. We did have a few banged up and bruised riders, but that comes with the territory when riding dirt bikes in Colorado.

Day Two showcased trail side maintenance and patience by all the riders. We had two bikes go under in Agate Creek during a few of the last crossings. Luckily they were two strokes, so the time wasn't as bad if they had been one of the two Sherco four strokes.

For Day Two, we rode 684 out of Sargents to Milk Creek. We went down Milk Creek to Iron Branch road to the Iron Branch/Baldy Lake split. We took Baldy Lake up to Hicks Gultch Trail as a connection over to Dutchman. Going up Dutchman was awesome! We then took CDT all the way up to Marshall Pass, lots of good climbs in there. We meet the Support Crew at Marshall Pass for lunch and a rest. From there we continued up the CDT to take Agate Creek down to HWY 50. As mentioned above, it was a journey. Damn good day of riding dirt bikes.

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