Hard Enduro Horrors in Karelia: Bulba Enduro Team on "Nimble Squirrel 2017"

Nimble Squirrel 2017

Hard Enduro Horrors in Karelia:

A while back we posted up a fun video from the 2014 Nimble Squirrel located in the Karelia region of northwest Russia. Fast forward to 2017 and watch as these "nimble squirrels" pile-drive themselves while taking on man-made and natural obstacles among cheering (and jeering) fellow riders and fans.

Team "Bulba Enduro" took part in the Karelian Hard Enduro Scramble "Nimble Squirrel 2017". In short, this video shows dirt bikes riding through the woods, jumping logs, hill climbing, riding in the mud and sands, including fails and crashes.