Burson Again at Badgers Dual Euro Course California Scramble

Nick Burson took the win on both courses at Spangler Hills.

Badgers Dual Euro Course A & B, Spangler Hills, CA
May 13th, 2017
Article and Photos by Kaeley Porter

The combination of wide open desert and rocky trails is common territory for Spangler Hills OHV and Red Mountain located in Ridgecrest, California where Badgers MC hosted the one day Dual European Scrambles race to celebrate the clubs’ 48th anniversary. Saturday included 12 races total, two races for each class, racing on both course A and course B.

With the terrain being familiar for Nick Burson, he had no problem conquering both races. Burson held second off the start line on course A behind Jacob Argubright, but after a slight missed turn from Argubright, Burson was able to take over the lead.

The close lead included Axel Pearson, who pie plated and came in 3rd overall. For Pearson, the wide open course was short, fast paced laps, with dust being the only hindrance in certain sections. Pearson's bike was more than ready to take on the second race on course B.

Seeing awesome racing from Jacob Argubright during the first race, it was disappointing to not see another race from him on course B, due to bike difficulties.

Jacob Argubright was second on course A, but bike problems took him out of course B.

Course B saw another overall win from Burson, with Pearson close behind in second and Ryan Smith in third overall. Smith battled around for his third place position midway through the second lap, where he was able to hold the position with no dust for the remainder of the race. Ryan Smith favors technical courses, so course B was something he looked forward to.

In comparison with course A, course B was much more technical and rocky but went by just as fast as the racing of course A, which was more flat, easy to follow, and wide open.

The one day Dual Euro Scramble in Spangler Hills saw awesome racing from all classes, with an even mix of terrain for each course!

Ryan Smith was third overall on the day.