2nd Annual Dirt Diggers MC Desert Team Race

Ty Davis (pictured) and teammate Brandon Wright took the Overall win.

Ty Davis (pictured) and teammate Brandon Wright took the Overall win.

2nd Annual Dirt Diggers MC Team Race
March 26th, 2017

Article and Photos by Kaeley Porter 

2017 marked the 2nd Annual Dirt Diggers MC Team Race and this year did not disappoint with a 160-mile course in Spangler Hills, near Ridgecrest, California. With four loops, approximately 40 miles each, riders were able to choose between switching with a teammate from the same class and skill or opting to Iron Man the 160 miles. Either choice would be especially exhausting.

Over 20 riders chose to Iron Man this race, such as Jordan Gamboa taking 1st HWT Expert and 1st overall Iron Man. Austin Porter 1st LWT-II Exp., Michael Oetzell 1st LWT-II Int., and Cordis Brooks 1st 60+ Masters Exp. were just a few Iron Men to tackle this course.

Jordan Gamboa was mentally and physically ready to iron man the 160 miles, holding the lead the entire race up until the 4th loop when the team of Ty Davis/Brandon Wright caught him. Wright had an awesome start off of the bomb, coming into 3rd overall when he handed the bike off to Davis who wrapped it up with an overall win. Davis shared the popular opinion with other riders that the second loop was by far his team’s fastest. Davis/Wright planned to use the first loop to get a feel for the unpredictable terrain while the rest of the race was full throttle!

  Iron man Jordan Gamboa held the lead the entire race until the 4th loop.  
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Iron man Jordan Gamboa held the lead the entire race until the 4th loop.

Iron Man Austin Porter, has been training with H.E.L.L. Training, which he says has ultimately prepared him for finishing the entire 160 miles. The best part about iron manning this race, for Porter was the feeling of knowing that he completed the entire 160 miles alone while still finishing first in his class.

Kevin Dejongh and Trevor Hoffman held a solid lead on their class while Nic Colangeli and teammate Cody Hayes came 2nd in class for LWT-I Exp.

1st in the Women’s class, teammates Stephanie Jones and Ashlee LaCharite were the perfect pair of skill and competition. Hana Hintz with teammate Marissa Honeyman took 2nd overall for the Women but were sure to compliment the hard work Dirt Diggers put into the course to make sure it was smooth and fast paced.

Desert MC’s very own, Ronald and Jean Hetherington, both in their 70’s, ran two loops following each other throughout the course. After the first loop, Ron was ready to call it a day but his wife Jean dragged him back on the course, “we will not quit!” she joked. The couple had many positive things to say concerning the course, the club, and fellow racers on the course.

With such a favorable turnout, engaging course, and welcoming crowd, every racer is no doubt looking forward to the 3rd Annual Team Race in 2018!