Desert Scramble 67th Annual Moose Run

Spangler Hills - February 26th & 27th, 2017

By Kaeley Porter

Nick Burson placing 1st overall had a nice battle with Ricky Brabec throughout the course. Burson led almost the entire way until 5 miles to the finish when Ricky passed him but Burson was able to get back into the lead about 100 yards from finish. These desert races for Nick are a great way to prepare for series like the West Hare Scrambles and the National Hare and Hound series. Ricky Brabec finishing 2nd overall had a very good race despite the dusty conditions making it hard to determine where the course led. Brabec took it easy and did not push it considering this is not a series he usually follows. Maverick Shuey had a great finish just coming off of a shoulder injury placing 2nd in his class, Trevor Hoffman behind in 3rd,  while Ryan Karell pulled a 1st place in class. Not too far ahead of them Ryan Smith was catching up to Brabec to take a 3rd overall.

Plenty of racers showed up to Round 1 of the District 37 Desert Series including familiar desert racers like Paul Krause, Brett Hoffman, and Stephanie Jones.


Bradley East, 1st overall for race 2, has just gotten over an injury to his scapula and is already killing it in the desert! Training in Honda Valley located in Hesperia, CA, has brought Bradley back strong and more than ready for the upcoming desert season.

Brennen Watson took 1st overall for race 1. Despite the way Brennen’s bike was running during the first race, he managed to pull off a huge lead in his class.

Andrew Schulz, 1st place mini, was not a fan of the rocky climbs as much as Watson but Schulz sure did make it look easy! Andrew has been training for this desert race by going to the track to train and working out in his off time.

For the girls, Brooke Olivas pulled a first in her class with her little sister Laci right behind her in 2nd. Laci Olivas, on her new bike, also got the holeshot for her class on Saturday!

Training in the desert, gym, or track, every one of these youth racers have been preparing for their District 37 desert season during their off time and it has definitely seemed to pay off. Spangler Hills was an awesome start to the District 37 Desert Series.