Webb and Matthies Dominate WHS Championship Round 2


Photos Mark Kariya

Coalinga, CA - Central California and the entire West Coast had been pounded with heavy rains for the weeks leading up to Round 2 of the 2017 series and the event was at risk due to severe weather. With the hard work of the Salinas Ramblers and the NHHA the event went off as scheduled. With the conditions and weather not in anyone's favor there were no clear favorites to win.

Saturday's racing started with youth racers taking off at 8:30 in the morning. The Salinas Ramblers designed a track specifically for the 50cc racers. Taking the morning race win on a KTM 50cc Ryder Kroll. Next off was the JR mini, JR girls, 65 youth race. This ended up being the best race of the day with Dante Johnson taking a hard fought win.

The last mini bike race of the day were the big boys, Big Wheel, AA with defending champion Mason Matthies on his Chidester Transport Backed YZ 85 taking the Overall. "I don't like the mud or the tree's so I'm super excited about this win!" Exclaimed Matthies after his first victory out of his element.

With no rain overnight it was looking to be some good racing on Sunday. The Salinas Ramblers designed a course that was demanding and still passable with amount of rain they had to deal with. The morning race was the amateurs C riders and A,B,C women. Taking a commanding win, leading every lap C 200 racer on a Yamaha Brandon Raliegh. Taking a strong second was Joe Machi, and rounding out the podium from the vintage class Raymond Spore.

12:00 time for the Pro/250 Pro/A/B classes to go racing. Just in time for the skies to open up for some more rain to make it interesting. Factory KTM/Red Bull/FMF racer Cody Webb got out to a early lead and never looked back to take a commanding 5 minute lead to take the checkered flag. Taking a strong second was local Disrtict 36 racer Jason Hurst on a Yamaha, and Purvines/Yamaha/6D helmet backed Axel Pearson charging from the back of the pack after crashing hard on the first lap to take third place.

OVERALL 1-PEE WEE, A/B 50, CLUTCHLESS: 1. Ryder Kroll (KTM); 2. Erik Garcia (KAW); 2. Erik Garcia (KTM); 3. Mathis Le Barbier (KTM); 4. Will Robinson (KTM); 5. Jackson Adams (KTM); 6. Bradley Petterson (KTM); 7. Luke Ward (KTM); 8. Rebecca Ward (KTM); 9. Shawn Wensmann (KAW); 10. Micah Mills (KTM); 11. Riley Roma (HON); 12. Tucker Chamblee (YAM); 13. Avery Sears (HON).

OVERALL 4-JR MINI, JR GIRLS, C YOUTH: 1. Dante Johnson (); 2. Gianni Hull (KTM); 2. Gianni Hull (YAM); 3. Shane Heywood (KTM); 4. Wyatt Huggins (); 5. Trenton Hall (KTM); 6. Talan Van Valkenburg (KTM); 7. Wyatt Mattoch (KTM); 8. Ricky Kinney (KAW); 9. Forrest How (YAM); 10. Zaio Demarco (KAW); 11. Tallon Marshall (KAW); 12. Bryan Southwood Jr (YAM); 13. Maddison Freitas (KAW); 14. Wyatt Spies (KAW); 15. Ryan Pawlaezyk (HON); 16. Skyler Allio (KTM); 17. Sutter Allio (KTM); 18. Ryder Thomaselli (); 19. Cole Davis (KTM); 19. Cole Davis (KTM); 20. Lane Forbes (KAW).

OVERALL 5-BIG WHEEL, AA, MINI, GIRLS: 1. Mason Matthies (YAM); 2. Lance Doyle (YAM); 2. Lance Doyle (KTM); 3. Seven Diaz (YAM); 3. Seven Diaz (); 4. Zachary Kerling (KTM); 4. Zachary Kerling (KTM); 5. Zachary Hannum (KAW); 6. Jon Wolfson (KAW); 7. Joe Machi (KTM); 7. Joe Machi (KAW); 8. Alex Oliveira (KTM); 8. Alex Oliveira (KTM); 9. Michael Oliveira (KTM); 9. Michael Oliveira (KTM); 10. Logan Mcchesney (); 10. Logan Mcchesney (YAM); 11. Anthony Ferrante (); 12. Ava Silvestri (); 13. Seth Sadorra (); 14. Italo Ruggiero (KTM); 15. Nick Benfield (HON); 15. Nick Benfield (YAM); 16. Colby Kraich (KTM); 16. Colby Kraich (KAW); 17. Cody Kurtz (KTM); 17. Cody Kurtz (KTM); 18. Nikolas Thompson (KAW); 19. Aslyn Franklin (KTM); 19. Aslyn Franklin (KTM); 20. Jaymie Helm (KAW).

OVERALL 1-WOMEN, ALL C, MASTERS, VINT: 1. Brandon Raleigh (YAM); 1. Brandon Raleigh (YAM); 2. Joe Machi (KTM); 2. Joe Machi (KAW); 3. Raymond Spore (YAM); 4. Jose Cabrera (KTM); 5. Tyler Gnutzman (KTM); 6. Gage Loge (YAM); 7. Alex Oliveira (KTM); 7. Alex Oliveira (KTM); 8. Casey Haglund (); 9. Palmer King (KTM); 10. Matthew Tucker (KTM); 11. Brandon Whitaker (YAM); 12. David Davidson (YAM); 13. Wiley Kirk (YAM); 13. Wiley Kirk (KAW); 14. Cameron King (KTM); 15. Nathan Burt (KTM); 16. Nick Benfield (HON); 16. Nick Benfield (YAM); 17. Corey Butzer (YAM); 18. Roel Meyer (KTM); 19. Robert Funk (YAM); 20. Robert Walden (KTM).

OVERALL 2-PRO, ALL A, ALL B: 1. Cody Webb (KTM); 2. Jason Hurst (YAM); 3. Axel Pearson (YAM); 4. Joey Fiasconaro (); 5. Steven Godman (KTM); 6. Max Gerston (BET); 7. Michael Aranda (KTM); 8. Trystan Hart (); 9. Jt Baker (); 10. Justin Bonita (); 11. Nicholas Burson (YAM); 12. Dillon Sheppard (YAM); 13. Patrick Garrahan (KTM); 14. Cole Conatser (KTM); 15. Cole Marshall (KTM); 16. Calum Campbell (); 17. Austin Tavares (KTM); 18. Lochlan Campbell (KTM); 19. Tyler Brumit (KTM); 20. Zacary Fitch (KTM).