Cluster F*@# Creek - 2017 RevLimiter Extreme Enduro

Texas is finally back on the Hard Enduro map. 2017 brought the 1st Annual RevLimiter Extreme Enduro to Rocky Ridge Ranch in Decatur, Texas. Racers pushed, bikes steamed and spectators hollered.

What you see in this video is the carnage from the first Moto in Cluster F^ck Creek. This was the first time the riders saw this portion of the creek. They were cut off from it during the Saturday racing to keep these rocks fresh and slick for Sunday.

For the Overall on the weekend, Jordan Ashburn rode away with first place in the RevLimiter Extreme Enduro. Mitch Carvolth and Quinn Wentzel rounded out the podium, extremely happy to have been given such a rough and demanding course to race on. Ian Blythe finished fourth, stoked to have had the chance to compete for such a great pro purse provided by Teva Pharmaceuticals and Multiple Sclerosis association of America (MSAA).

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