Hare & Hound Series Replacement Round Announced

Round 4 will take place June 25/26 in Espanola, NM; Gas It Off-Road joins the series.


Photos by Mark Kariya

GAS IT OFF-ROAD: Brand new to the National Hare and Hound series, Gas It Off-Road has stepped up to fill in for the Plymouth, UT round at the drop of a hat. Based out of the New Mexico desert the series is gaining momentum in the South West and we are more than happy to welcome them to the championship!

A FEW THINGS TO NOTE: As this round was added last second there are a couple things that will be different than your normal "Hare and Hound" event. We are working with the host club and their local BLM regulations to ensure that this event goes off without a hitch, laying the ground work for a successful relationship going into the future! 

  • The Event is Lap Based. It will be a 25-30 mile loop. All Pro/A's go 4 laps. All Amataur/B's go 3 Laps. All Novice/C/Master's go 2 laps and all Sportsmen go 1 lap. 
  • Elevation 6500-7500ft. This will be one of our HIGHEST events. For all those on FI bikes no worries, but for those with the standard carburetors be prepared. 
  • The Event is Start by Class. Due to local BLM regulations they are not able to host a "Mass Start". This being as such the front row will be comprised of the leading "Pro/AA" riders from both series while the rest of the rows will be determined by Class. Exact starting procedure will be announced prior to the event. 
  • Pits will be Dead Engine. Local rules and BLM regulations dictate that engines must be shut off during fueling. There will be time penalties associated so follow this rule!
  • Saturday Pre Ride. There is a hosted Pre Ride of the course on Saturday for $15. This is something that they do locally so make sure to be there to be a part of it 11am Saturday.
  • $20 ADDED TO POST ENTRY. Make sure to Pre Enter for the event! There is a $20 added late registration. Pre Enter Here> Big Bikes / Youth Bikes

Go to www.gasitoffroad.com to check out all the event information - Directions, regulations, etc.