Robby Bell Sand Hollow WORCS GoPro footage

GoPro Hero 4 edit on board with Robby Bell at the fifth round of the 2016 WORCS series in Sand Hollow, Utah.

Robby got off to a slow start, but methodically picked his way through the field, working up to third place before the halfway mark. With the two leaders in the race (Dalton Shirey and Gary Sutherlin) quite a ways ahead, Robby looked to hold on to the final podium position, but a couple minor late-race falls let Eric Yorba catch up to him and make the pass with just over a lap to go. Unfortunately for Eric, he was penalized for speeding in the pits, which gave Robby a third place finish on the day.

Top Five Finishers:
1. Dalton Shirey
2. Gary Sutherlin
3. Robby Bell
4. Colton Udall
5. Eric Yorba

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