Seat Time GRINduro Motovlog and Day 2 Extreme Ride with Andrew Short

The 2016 GRINduro was an epic time on dirt bikes put together by Cole Kirkpatrick, Russell Bobbitt and the Kurt Caselli Foundation.

Cole Kirkpatrick and his family have some epic riding just outside of Post, TX. The riders of the GRINduro were invited to their property for some first class single track. Russell Bobbitt, five time National Enduro Champion, and Andrew Short were there to showcase their skills for all attendees.

The weather was interesting for sure. Changing 50+ degrees in a matter of hours gave the riders a true test of grit. Every rider had a different trick to stay warm and on the bike. Woody knew he would have issues, so he had to use every trick in the book.

Pay attention to the social channels. All notions point toward another GRINduro taking place in 2017.

In this next video, Brian "Woody" Pierce follows Andrew Short aboard his Honda CRF 450 on the extreme ride at the 2016 GRINduro.

If you watched the GRINduro motovlog above, you know that they rode some wicked cool single track. The extreme ride on Sunday morning took it to a whole new level of badassery. This quick video of Woody following Andrew Short showcases some of the narrower sections of the trails rode. It got a lot gnarlier, tighter and more fun!