Video Buzz: Nimble Squirrel 2014

We love finding videos of people riding dirt bikes in faraway, sparsely inhabited regions of the world. Because no matter where they’re at on the globe, the joy of riding a dirt bike is the same. The language may be different when the helmet is off, but when the helmet goes on the lingua franca becomes the same: the language of dirt bike riding.

Enter the fun-loving group of dudes in this video out to have a good time in the Karelia region of northwest Russia. A little hard enduro challenge amongst friends; or as the literal translation of the description states, “Hard Enduro in Karelia, Swift Squirrels in 2014 (Seed Cones in Front of Protein).” We’re not exactly sure what that last part means, but we can certainly appreciate the intended meaning. These swift squirrels (dirt bike mad buddies) make their way through the dense forests of the Karelia region in a nimble fashion; creatively crossing rivers and nailing hillclimbs with the relative ease of a native inhabitant. Well done, boys. Thank you for a glimpse of your amazing place. We now add the Karelia region of northwest Russia to our ever-growing list of places we’d like to visit someday.

Video/Edit: Motogon TV