TGIF Weekend Buzz

Events taking place this weekend from around the country.

The Extreme test is looking good for this weekend's final round of the Jay Day offroad series. "This is a very diverse XTreme Test including natural terrain as well as man made obstacles!"

Out west the final round of the AMA Western Hare Scramble series takes place.

More course preview. Keep your eye on the trail not on the view!

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As well as back east the final round of the AMA Eastern Hare Scramble series happens in Missouri.

Endurocross is back in Boise, Idaho and should be action packed!

Boise wood pit looking gnarly! #enduro_cross

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Mideast Racing, Round 14 – November 8, 2015
Track – Rockhouse
Connelly Springs, NC

The Rockhouse – only one word can describe it – tough. The trails are rooted, the hills are rough. A man’s race so to speak! A small motocross is featured at this track and some pretty technical hills that claim many victims throughout the race day. A part of the track is a sandy creek run where you run along a narrow strip of sand, where one small error in the whoops lands you tumbling off a drop off into the river! The best feature of the Rockhouse – is the hills!