Video Buzz: Morocco Offroad

Video: Morocco Offroad
Author: Simon Lister

We came across this video on Vimeo and just had to share. Watching this video had a meditative effect on us: it was calming, relaxing, and at times gave us goose bumps. The kind of video that you can watch over and over and inspires; makes you want to hop on a plane and experience this wild and diverse world we live in but rarely experience.

The country of Morocco is certainly not the first place that one thinks of when it comes to offroad riding adventure, so it was no surprise to us to find out the author is an Aussie. Aussies seem to be a hearty and adventurous bunch, open to new and wild experiences.

And speaking of the country of Morocco, did you know that the Atlas and Appalachian mountains are of the same chain? That’s right, millions of years ago the two mountain chains were one. Crazy, right? 

“Though they are separated by an ocean, Africa’s Anti-Atlas Mountains and North America’s Appalachian Mountains are linked in time. Both appear to have gotten their start hundreds of millions of years ago, before the end of the geologic era known as the Paleozoic (roughly 540-250 million years ago.) During the Paleozoic, plate tectonics compressed all the Earth’s continents into a single massive “supercontinent” called Pangaea, which stretched from pole to pole. During the formation of Pangaea, what is now North America crashed into what is now Africa several times. As the two continents were crushed together, the Appalachians and the Anti-Atlas were built. Through the following era, the Mesozoic (roughly 250-65 million years ago), the Atlantic Ocean opened between the two continents, separating the mountains.”   ~ Source:

Sit back and take 5:10 to enjoy this meditative offroad journey. You won’t regret it.