Big Adventure Bolivia - Andes to Amazon

With the off season in full effect, the holidays just around the corner, and Sundays off to do as you please, why not take a few moments to sit back and dream a little dream of adventure. With so many amazing places on this planet of ours and not enough time to see them all, thankfully we have others like the Big Adventure Company out there living and filming the adventure lifestyle and sharing it with us.

Bolivia is one of those places we’d love to see one day. It may not be the first place one thinks of for an adventure motorcycle riding destination; but from what we’ve seen in photographs and in videos, it should be. This South American country, landlocked by Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay features stunningly beautiful scenery and amazingly diverse terrain. Bolivia not only contains the Andes mountains, but also the Amazon basin rain forest and the Atacama desert.

Press play on the following video and sit back and enjoy a Sunday daydreaming session and then add Bolivia to your bucket list of must-visit places.

Video: The Big Adventure Company
Film/Edit: Nick Brunninghausen

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