Industry Buzz: Chippa Wilson Ambassador of British Customs

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Making Waves: World-Renowned Action Sports Athlete Chippa Wilson Announced as Ambassador of British Customs’ Weekend Projects

Chippa Wilson Announced as Ambassador of British Customs’ Weekend Projects Campaign to Spur Creativity and Innovation, Raise Awareness for Charity

Chippa Wilson, world-renowned action sports athlete and X Games silver medalist sponsored by Nixon, Stance, Fox, Monster, New Era, and many others, will be the ambassador for British Customs’ Weekend Projects, an initiative to put motorcycle customization in the hands of the average rider and to raise awareness for Riders for Health charity.

But why Chippa Wilson?

At first glance of Wilson’s dossier, he appears to be a professional surfer with a model’s smile. But a closer look reveals a true Renaissance man, and a perfect fit for the initiative.

“I wanted to get involved with British Customs simply because their philosophy resonates with my own. We respect the same things. And they pour themselves into everything they do,” Wilson stated.

Wilson grew up a small town kid, son to a self-made carpenter in Australia. He spent much of his time with his father, who instilled in him a respect for craftsmanship and a love for working with his hands.

“I loved watching my father work. It was always so amazing to see him make something from nothing,” said Wilson. “And he would always make sure everything he did was perfect, because his name was attached to it. He took pride in his work, and I respected that.”

Wilson himself learned some of those heirloom crafting skills from his father, and often experiments with new boards by shaping them with his own hands. But those skills and appreciations have bled into other parts of his life, and have influenced how he carries himself. He has a deep respect for heritage and the past, when things were simpler and people’s values were rooted in things like honor and quality.

Those small town, old timey values include deep levels of sympathy and empathy, and a sincere love for other human beings. A major aspect of the BC Weekend Projects initiative is to raise awareness for the Riders for Health charity, a charity that uses motorcycles to deliver life-saving medical supplies to rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa. In aid of Riders, a custom CROIG X BC Edition 2015 Triumph Bonneville will be given away to one lucky winner.

“It’s such a great solution to a difficult problem. The people living in those parts of Africa are in serious need, and there isn’t anybody who can help them because they just can’t get to them. Except Riders for Health,” said Wilson about raising awareness globally in support of Riders’ cause.

Wilson is also an avid retro motorcycle enthusiast, and brings his do-it-yourself lifestyle and mentality to the garage-side of his life. He is known to spend afternoons at a time wrenching away on his motorcycles, both doing his own maintenance work and customizing them. “Seeing projects through, and getting them right is the best feeling,” he said about working on his motorcycles.

“We connected with Chippa Wilson because we admire how innovative he is, but also because he’s rooted in the same deep respect for the new heritage that we are,” said Jason Panther, President of British Customs.

Wilson is a persona icon of the new heritage mega-trend, and is helping to shape this new lifestyle. He respectfully remembers his grandfather with a “punny” tattoo that articulates when he bends the knee over which the tattoo was inked. He likes old, slow Chevys, and rides a retro-styled modern Triumph motorcycle, as seen in the stunning video made to celebrate his welcome to the Nixon Team. He travels the world on his surf tours, but always finds time to come back home to visit his mother.

“I’m not really going against the grain, I’m just doing what I want to do.”

About Chippa Wilson:

Chippa Wilson is a lifestyle personality known for his love of simpler things from the “good ol’ days.” Wilson is a known retro motorcycle enthusiast and Renaissance man. Wilson is a world-renowned professional surfer and X Games Silver Medalist. Wilson is sponsored by Nixon, Stance, Fox, Monster, New Era, among other brands.

About Riders for Health:

Riders for Health is a social enterprise and registered charity that manages and maintains vehicles for health-focused partners in eight countries in sub-Saharan Africa. They work with ministries of health and other, smaller community-based organizations to help manage two- and four-wheeled vehicles of outreach health workers, allowing them to reach rural villages. Riders provides maintenance and management of these vehicles, and training for health workers in safe riding and driving.

About British Customs:

British Customs is a Southern California-based lifestyle brand and designer of aftermarket motorcycle parts. They are known for making the highest quality factory-spec bolt-on parts that only require common tools and minimal technical knowledge to install. With any of their parts upgrades, the average rider can completely customize his or her motorcycle in a weekend.

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