Krusic’s Ride Park – Holding it Wide at Victoria’s Hidden Gem

By Jerry Bernardo

By Jerry Bernardo

Here is a hot tip for all of our Australian friends out there that enjoy riding endless brownie mix on your dirt bike: get in your van and head east out of Melbourne and three hours later you will find moto nirvana at Krusic’s Ride Park.

While other motocross tracks in the world may boast big challenging jumps and a [sometimes] coagulated on-track experience, Krusic’s seems to be taking it back to the roots of natural terrain with open layouts that afford one the opportunity to stretch your throttle cable out.

Now in its fourth year of operation, Dan Krusic’s family run facility has enjoyed rave reviews from local council, riders and families alike. One trip out to this 150-acre playground in Dutson Downs, VIC and I guarantee you will be hooked. Owner Dan Krusic has a 20-year history racing 300 kmh powerboats and has always loved dirt bikes and helping people. “I like to ensure that they are all having a good time, Dan begins, “As a kid I owned dirt bikes and found it fun to ride around with friends in a safe and healthy environment. When we opened the park four years ago I wanted to replicate that same feeling for the youth of today.”

First timers at Krusic’s Ride Park will be surprised when they come rolling over the hill and lay eyes on the five tracks Dan and his pro motocrosser son Jono meticulously prepped for the weekends activity.

Dirt Buzz: Most tracks focus on one or two layouts yet you guys prep [and maintain] five tracks every week. Why did you decide to create so many?

Krusic’s Ride Park: We created so many track variations because not all riders are the same. The average family consists of a husband, his wife and the two kids. Let’s say they all ride dirt bikes—we take into consideration one of the kids may be a beginner rider on a PW50. This is partly the reason we have tracks to suit everyone in the family and their different riding abilities.

At Krusic’s you will find the following layouts:

  • Pro Track: deep sand, difficulty high, 2.1km
  • Thumper X Track: sandy loam, high speed, natural terrain no jumps, moderate, 2.7km
  • Vets Track: sandy loam, moderate, 1.9km
  • Clay Track: clay, moderate/easy 1.2km
  • Mini Track: clay, easy 650m
  • Beginners Area: grass. Beginner/Novice 100metre oval

DB: Your son Jono is a pro motocrosser. How much of a say did he have in the original layout that we all enjoy?

KRP: Jono has had a massive influence in the design and construction of the facility. He is excellent to bounce ideas off of even if we don’t always agree! [laughs] In the end we compromise to achieve an outcome that we both require.

Pro motocrosser Jono Krusic helped influence the design and construction of the facility. Photo: Axtion Images.

Pro motocrosser Jono Krusic helped influence the design and construction of the facility. Photo: Axtion Images.

DB: People often say that there is nothing fun for kids to do in most towns nowadays. Do you feel as if your ride park offers families with kids a place to come to [and ride] that will help keep them active and off the couch?

KRP: We definitely offer somewhere for kids to go, that’s also why we have put in the café area in with a massive glass front: it’s a place for everyone to come to so they can attend this facility as a family, there is something for everyone here. We are proud to say that we have been nominated [and won] the region’s tourism award two years in a row. At Krusic’s we always encourage the riders to bring their mates out no matter what skill level they ride at.

A café area with a massive glass front means there's a place for everyone to hangout. Photo: Jono Krusic

A café area with a massive glass front means there's a place for everyone to hangout. Photo: Jono Krusic

DB: What I like about the tracks [here] is they have a natural outdoor motocross feel with limited jumps. For me, that suits my personal style a bit better. What is the reason you have kept the jumps safe and down to a minimum?

KRP: Instead of making crazy jumps that only 10% of people can jump without hurting themselves we decided to make them mellow so everyone can jump them safely in an attempt to avoid injury. We like to see our customers come back week-after-week instead of being injured.

DB: The dirt here is primo, it seems to be mostly a mixture of loam and sand. How much prep time do you spend each week in order to insure it is at its best for the weekend?

KRP: It takes three to four days depending on the weather. We have a massive array of machinery we have built up over the years to tackle the job.

DB: Of the many motocross tracks I have been to in my time, this is the only one I can say that I have never seen any medical staff roll up to [yet]. Though it is often out of your total control, how important is the overall safety of the people who come here, given the nature of the sport?

KRP: The safety of our patrons is our #1 priority. Jono and I patrol around all day in Can-Am UTV's and if a rider is having problems we always try to give them tips to make their riding [and day] as safe as possible. While we do have medical staff attending we are all trained in first aid [specifically motocross first aid]. For the amount of riders that have been through this park the percentage of ambulance attendance is extremely low.

Safety of his patrons is a huge priority for Dan Krusic (center). Photo: Axtion Images.

Safety of his patrons is a huge priority for Dan Krusic (center). Photo: Axtion Images.

DB: Do you consider this a local spot or do people come from all over to ride here?

KRP: We have people that travel interstate even overseas just to ride at our ride park. Sometimes we host US riders that come to compete here in Australia and we even offer a place for some of the Nitro Circus crew to train at.

DB: What does the future hold for Krusic’s Ride Park?

KRP: Ideally, we will eventually set up some accommodation and a full-time off road/enduro trail to replace the part-time one we have now. We would also like to offer a spot for rally cars and UTV vehicles here at the park.

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