Ellaspede’s Dust Hustle

Photo: Joe Sheppard

By Jerry Bernardo

By Jerry Bernardo

I stumbled upon some photos of a bunch of mad dogs beating the shit out of street bikes in the dirt and simply had to find out what the hell was going on. It turns out that it is an event called “Dust Hustle” and while there are some strict rules in place, it pretty much looks like anything goes once you pass tech. The rules part must have come into play because MA [Motorcycling Australia] always seems to lock onto anything fun with two wheels and squeezes out their cut of the coin.

The Dust Hustle is a fun and colourful day in the dirt with very few jumps and it calls out to any woeful bike you could possibly swing a leg over: from rat bikes to big old Harleys and proper MX bikes. Most riders dress however-the-fuck they want and let it all hang out regardless of the lack of suspension their mount may afford them. 2016 Dakar Rally winner Toby Price was on location at DH4 [racing his KTM] this year in Queensland so you know it had to be a ripping good time.

I hit up my mates from the Gold Coast’s lifestyle clothing brand Death Collective and asked them how much carnage took place at the recent Dust Hustle.

Nitro Circus member Matthew “Matty Mac” McFerran. Photo: Emma McFerran

“Death Collective has been a sponsor of the event for the past few years, and we were all stoked to hear that DH4 would be at a new location with three new tracks. We had a mixed bunch of riders and motorcycles ranging from old cafe racers, vintage MX bikes and of course the two crowd favourites; a rigid frame Harley-Davidson chopper and a 1942 WLA from WWII.”

Also riding on the day was Nitro Circus member Matthew “Matty Mac” McFerran. Matty rode his cafe racer in the road bike class. McFerran put on a show racing his 1979 Honda CB650 [riding faster than most of the guys on the actual MX bikes] and even though the Dust Hustle organisers had run detours around most of the jumps, Matty Mac decided he wanted to take his own detour and jump them all anyway—the crowd loved it!

Another Death Collective ratbag, Jake Burn (aka “Valley Rat”) made a name for himself at DH3 and a lot of people were excited to see him ride his rigid framed Harley chopper at DH4. He did not disappoint. Burn took to the motocross tracks with zero suspension and wasn't scared to let it hang out sideways and send himself over a few jumps.

Jake “Valley Rat” Burn hammers his rigid framed Harley chopper through a turn. Photo: Joe Sheppard.

Another guy who missed the detour memo was Dean Ross. “Deano” was tearing the tracks apart on his Harley Street Bob. In similar fashion to Matty Mac, Dean hit all the jumps on his 300 kg road bike. The other riders and the spectators couldn't believe what they were witnessing.

Death Collective asked us to give a special mention to competitor Natalie Young. Natalie was one of the only girls out there and had a massive crash on the drag strip. She has spent the last few days in the hospital and is due for release soon.

Dean “Deano” Ross at speed on his Harley Street Bob. Photo: Joe Sheppard

For more information log onto www.dusthustle.com

For more information on Death Collective log onto www.deathcollective.com.

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