5-Minute Buzz // Cody Webb – On a Roll

Cody Webb has been on a roll this season. With four wins [now five, after Boise] and one second place, he’s in position to clinch his third EnduroCross championship at the final round in Ontario, California. This year Cody changed things up a bit and competed in some events that aren’t necessarily in his normal wheelhouse. He competed in the ISDE in France as part of the SRT Off-Road club team and also raced a few West Hare Scramble events. We caught up with Cody at the Boise round of the EnduroCross series and talked about his season so far, what’s in store for him in the near future, and what his plans are for next year.

Dirt Buzz: Cody, how's your year been so far, it seems like you've had a pretty good year winning the TKO [Tennessee Knock Out] again, finishing your first ISDE, and you've had four EnduroCross wins in a row—seems like it's been a pretty good one.

Cody Webb: Yeah, the year’s been pretty awesome, I’ve been enjoying it, you know, I just hung out this winter, rode the two-stroke a whole bunch and basically just did all extreme riding. I really enjoyed it, I like riding that kind of stuff and seeing where I can end up, I had a lot of good times just doing that. So, you know, I was just enjoying riding a bunch.

Then being in Erzberg, I didn't get the finish I wanted, I still did great, but considering where I was I kind of petered off but finished really strong. I just kept pushing from there and I was motivated this year to come out swinging for EnduroCross and put in a lot of hard work. As soon as I got done with all the extreme stuff I just hopped on a 350 and never looked back.

"... I just hung out this winter, rode the two-stroke a whole bunch and basically just did all extreme riding. I really enjoyed it, I like riding that kind of stuff and seeing where I can end up ..." – Cody Webb

Got through [EnduroCross] round one, I felt really great there but didn't get the win, then headed to Six Days. That was quite the experience. I think it definitely helped, you know, so many hours on the bike each day, no matter what you're not going to get worse riding and doing that, so you know, I think my intensity got upped a little bit riding with those guys and realizing just how slow I was (laughs) compared to the top dudes. So, I got back home and hopped on the 350 and started focusing again for EnduroCross and I've been feeling pretty solid ever since.

Webb came into the 2017 EnduroCross season focused on a third title. Photo: Tanner Yeager.

DB: It seems like you changed it up a little bit this year with doing the Six Days, and if we’re not mistaken, you also raced a couple of AMA West Hare Scrambles as well and took a win in one round?

CW: Yeah, I won one and had dirt issues at the second one, but yeah, I mean it was close by my house so I figured I'd show up and race it and got the win. I don't know which one it was but it was a nice mudder and it’s fun when you get out in the lead and don’t get too muddy right off the start. (laughs).

I don’t know, I'm just really enjoying the two-stroke for all that extreme stuff. Six Days I just figured I would stay on the two-stroke because I rode it in all the extreme enduros. And then, I just want to try and prove a point this year that I'm no slouch and I earned those two championships in EnduroCross for a reason and that's why I wanted to come out swinging. I feel really happy with the 350 this year and how we got the suspension set up on it.

DB: So, the Six Days thing, what got you headed in that direction? Was it more of a personal challenge? Or like you just said, you wanted to prove you're more versatile and not just an EnduroCross guy?

CW: Yeah, I think it’s a factor of two things:  I wanted to do it just because I went and rode the Trial des Nations so many times that I thought it would be cool to do it on the enduro side of things and say that I did it. Prove to myself I can do it. And then, I kind of get tagged as “Cody Webb trials guy” and just an EnduroCross guy now. You know, obviously, I do well at the extreme stuff and EnduroCross. I want to show that just because I can ride over rocks doesn't mean that I can “kind of go fast” here or there.

DB: And it never hurts to have a little extra speed either.

CW: Yeah, the sprint speed over there [in Europe] is pretty crazy. Those guys were laying it on the line. I don't know if I wasn’t comfortable or just not fast enough (laughs) to go their speed.

"I’m just going to keep doing what I'm doing and progressing the sport and trying to keep the youngsters behind me."
– Cody Webb

DB: It seems like they [European riders] look like they're going slow but they're still going fast, they’re so smooth and have a totally different style.

CW: Yeah, those guys are killing it. I mean Taylor [Robert] is super awesome at it, it doesn’t even look like he’s going fast. Some of the guys on the 300s over there, they look like they're railing with a lot of body movement. But they just know what they're doing, I guess.

DB: What's coming up next for you? After this EnduroCross season ends what are your next goals?

CW: So, when EnduroCross ends I'm hoping to return to SuperEnduro this year. I plan on doing that and then maybe a couple more extreme events next year. So it’ll be great instead of just doing Erzberg I’ll be trying to hit some more of the big International ones and compete with the world's best.

Webb hopes to return to the SuperEnduro series this year after EnduroCross ends. Photo: Tanner Yeager.

DB: Like the Sea to Sky and those types of events?

CW: I don’t know about Sea to Sky—maybe. I’m going to try and do Romaniacs. I’m not sure exactly yet which ones we’re going to hit but we’re going to try and hit more of those Red Bull events next year for sure. And then obviously all the extreme stuff in the U.S. We’re doing a little bit more next year, we kind of were just doing the King of Motos and Last Dog, but now we’ll also be doing Rev Limiter, Battle of the Goats, and Tough Like RORR.

DB: Yeah, we’ve actually heard there may be a new U.S. extreme series next year.

CW: Yeah, I think they are trying to shoot for an AMA series so we’ll be doing that whole deal. We definitely have the terrain and states to get something good going.

Look for Cody Webb at more extreme stuff in the U.S. next year including events like the Rev Limiter Extreme, Battle of the Goats, and Tough Like RORR.

DB: How about long-term, like in five years what could we end up seeing you doing? You have any long-term intentions to try something different like World Enduro or more Six Days, maybe get on the Trophy Team or something like that?

CW: Umm, I don’t know, I’d have to put in a lot of work to try and get on the Trophy Team for Six Days, I’m a little off. So, I'm thinking, Dungey stepped down … they need a ringer … (laughs)

DB: (Laughing) … yeah! maybe a little Supercross on the side?

CW: Yeah! No, none of that. No, I’m just going to try and focus. I know what I'm good at, and obviously, I'll still be doing all the other stuff for cross-training. I’m just going to keep doing what I'm doing and progressing the sport and trying to keep the youngsters behind me.

DB: Well, we appreciate it, thanks for the interview!