Denver EnduroCross Photo Gallery ReBuzz

After back-to-back weekends of racing, round three of the 2017 EnduroCross series proved to once again be a title fight between defending champ Colton Haaker and two-time champ Cody Webb. Enjoy our Denver EX Photo ReBuzz, brought to you by the talented Mr. Tanner Yeager.

About the Photographer

Tanner Yeager

Tanner Yeager

Tanner Yeager is an action sport and commercial photographer transplanted from Globe, Arizona to Phoenix, Arizona. He is very passionate and strives to inspire but more important he is moved by people who are passionate about what they love. His goal every time he picks up his camera is to show the world a visual story of passion and inspiration. From the most extreme corners of action sports to telling intense stories of companies and their background through commercial photography, Tanner strives to explain his experiences and stories through his lens. With roots expanding through the southwest, photography has taken him from the heartbreaking back stories of athletes winning and losing to the beautiful creation known as mother nature.

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