Video: Seat Time Adventures 2.0

"Seat Time Adventures 2.0 took place in Taylor Park, Colorado for the second year. The views are gorgeous, the trails are technical and the creek water is always cold. If you're wondering where we'll be for STA 3.0, we're sure you can make a good guess!

The riders this year really pushed themselves. Some had been to Taylor Park before, some had always wanted to go. No one complained (too much) that we kept pointing the bikes up the trail instead of back to camp. More miles, more fun and more badassery.

The trails in Taylor Park are suited for all riders. We chose to find the longer, technical and more challenging trails for a good time. Double Top, Star Trail, Timberline and Horseshoe are just a few of the trails we rode to showcase the greatness of Colorado single track."

Seat Time Adventures 2.0