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Join the Seat Time crew in 2016 for a Colorado Rocky Mountains adventure

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This past year Brian Pierce—known for his weekly online offroad show Seat Time—and a crew of fellow Texans ventured west to Colorado for the inaugural Seat Time Adventures trail ride. Based out of Taylor Park, the crew enjoyed the surrounding high country single track and beautiful scenery that the area offers up. So much so, that for 2016, they’ve decided to go back for a second time. The difference is this time you’re invited to join them. Learn about Seat Time Adventures and what you can expect should you choose to join Brian Pierce and his crew for Seat Time Adventures Taylor Park, CO 2.0.

Brian, where did the idea of Seat Time Adventures come from and what made you choose Colorado? and more specifically, Taylor Park?

Steven Rice, Seat Time’s Producer, and I have been talking about getting fans together for a group ride and camaraderie for quite a few years. With Little Sahara so close to us in Oklahoma, we were always trying to pull the trigger on a three-day weekend riding trip up there. The dunes can be fun for all riders and family members, which we like to incorporate into our events.

We finally pulled the trigger on planning Seat Time Adventures after I rode the Rip to Cabo back in April of 2015. What Cameron Steele and the Desert Assassins put together on their trips was exactly what we had been talking about for so many years. I knew at that moment in time that we had to create the experience for our fans and fellow riders.

Colorado and Taylor Park are a draw for many riders and enthusiasts. I have ridden there a few times with my Dad during the Colorado 500 and random family trips. Having been there a few times, we have a good knowledge of the area and the trail system. Since we had yet to organize a ride of this magnitude at the time, we wanted to go somewhere we didn’t have to do recon or do too much planning for the riding aspect.

Seat Time Adventures Hillside

How did you and your crew decide on the route for each day’s ride?

We wanted to showcase a little bit of everything the area has to offer. Some of the routes were picked to have the group in a certain town for lunch at a certain time, while some routes were planned so we were off the tougher terrain by the afternoon, preparing for the random afternoon rainstorms. When the rocks and roots get wet, every aspect of riding in Colorado gets tougher.

Final decisions on what trail we would ride and where we meet up with the support crew in their UTVs was up to our Trail Boss, Scott Bailey. He’s a local Texan that knows the trail system in Taylor Park extremely well. He’s ridden up there multiple times per year for many years; so having him help us pick and choose which trails to ride and towns to visit really helped us focus on other parts of the trip, especially capturing the experience.

What can a rider expect should they choose to sign-up for a Seat Time Adventures ride?

Seat Time Adventures isn’t for beginners or the faint of heart. We say this to be honest about how tough high alpine riding can be on a rider, especially a large group of riders. We try to plan to hit what are called ‘B’ routes. Not the toughest of the tough, but nice challenging trails that often catch a well-seasoned ‘A’ rider by surprise, causing a little viewing fun for everyone on the ride.

Riding 100+ miles a day would be an amazing feat to accomplish, and not too difficult to plan for. But since we’re riding with what we consider a large group (10+ riders), we know someone will have issues at some point, and need the group to stop to help and/or catch our breath. So we plan for 80-100 miles per day, with stops for lunch, gas and ice cream, and we attempt to be back at camp for dinner and before we lose daylight.

Camaraderie and brotherhood are the awesome result of being together on the trail in Colorado. During the four days of riding, we collectively go through a lot. We help each other through obstacles, help fix machines and then bench race at the end of the day by the fire. All of these things help us create bond that is tough to find in other situations.

Seat Time Adventures Scenery

Being from Texas via Louisiana how much did the elevation effect you and others on the ride? Do you have any suggestions for those coming from lower elevations?

Elevation is another key factor as to why we try to be honest about how riding in Colorado isn’t all fun and games, but part of the experience. With less oxygen for the body and the bike, everything works harder to output a certain level of energy. Riding all day, with the inevitable crash or getting stuck moment, you’ll start to feel tired quicker and need food and water more often than you would in your typical riding climate.

As far as the bikes go, if you’re on a two-stroke, you’ll need to jet your bike properly before heading to the mountains. With the plethora of forums and local bike shops, it’s typically pretty easy to get your bike dialed-in for high alpine trail before you leave town. Four-stroke riders have it pretty easy though these days with EFI. My KTM 350XC worked awesome in Taylor Park and made me feel very confident. Sometimes a bit too confident.

Seat Time Adventures Scenery Two

We imagine there are special bike preparations a rider needs to make in order to ride at high elevation. If a rider comes on a Seat Time Adventure, should he/she bring everything needed to be self-sufficient? Or is trail support included in the package?

Most dirt bike riders don’t have their bike plated in their home state, so it’s a tough nut to crack. We ask that everyone attempt to come plated, but with so many different processes across the States, it can be hard to know what a rider has to go through to get their motorcycle plated. Because of this, we do our best to stay off the main highways or roads where you should be plated.

Having a headlight isn’t a bad idea either. Helping downed riders, too many rests, or just a long day in the saddle can lead to the sun setting before we make it back to camp. Though we haven’t ridden into to camp past sunset, having a headlight makes riding in dusk a bit easier for the rider and other possible traffic.

Suspension is another key factor for riding in Colorado. With the amount of rocks and roots, you want to have soft and compliant tuning for your bike. Lessening your compression and having faster rebound helps, but there is so much more to it than that. We chatted with Alan Stillwell before this past year’s trip to get Colorado specific suspension setup.

Last but not least is carrying enough gas (and oil if needed for pre-mix) for a full day of riding. We plan our lunch stops in towns that have gas available. Due to supply issues that can happen though, some towns can go dry throughout the summer. Our support crew carries extra gas for meet-ups, but having a small container of gasoline with you is a smart move. I run Giant Loop bags with their one gallon cans. I’ll also carry tools for trail work, a tow strap, JB Weld, extra parts, and some other odds and ends I’ve found necessary throughout the years after making mistakes and screwing up some new part of the motorcycle.

Luckily Seat Time Adventures has a UTV support crew. They take their own path during the day and we meet up for lunch and gas. We stay connected through Satellite phones, just in case we have an emergency and need their help to get a rider out. Our riding EMTs are a huge help in these situations as they know exactly what an injured rider might need for the length of time to get them out and to the necessary facilities.

Seat Time Adventures Trail Crew

What are the big picture plans for Seat Time Adventures? Are there plans for rides in other parts of the country and/or other countries altogether?

It’ll be interesting to see where Seat Time Adventures go, figuratively and literally. Colorado is a great place to ride and I hope I have the opportunity to ride there every summer. But it is still only the ‘Colorado Experience.’ Places like Utah and Washington have riding that is very specific to their region. As Seat Time Adventures grows, we have every intention of bringing the trip to a different destination every year. We’re not doing that just yet as we want more time to solidify our processes, support crew challenges, riding EMTs and camping versus hotels. Once our trips feel stable and well oiled, we’ll begin doing recons in different parts of the country to bring about all-new and amazing riding experiences.

The idea of smaller, mini trips has come up as well. Little Sahara in Oklahoma is still an awesome place to go dune riding. Stay tuned to our Seat Time social channels, as small trips and events will certainly be mentioned there.

We also want to use Seat Time Adventures to bring more awareness to organizations that are helping to preserve public riding and the sport of off-road. For the 2016 trip, we’re planning on donating a portion of the proceeds to the Trails Preservation Alliance. If we do travel to other States, we’ll work with a local organization there as well to bring more awareness and donations from our riders. We hope one day to have a workday built into the trip, scheduled with a local organization to promote trail maintenance and public service towards our sport.

Seat Time Adventures Union Park

Thanks Brian for giving us the details about Seat Time Adventures. Any last thoughts you would like to share about 2016’s ride?

The 2016 trip is being finalized this week, with applications being taken as early as next week. We’ve dropped the idea of hotels to make the cost cheaper and less bike prep (no license plates needed, though still recommended). We’re going to circle the wagons and create an environment that fosters camaraderie and good times.

Signing up for the newsletter on the Seat Time Adventures website is step one. That’s our first line of communication; it’s where we announce trips and share all trip related information. Continue to watch the 2015 video as it’s a great way to stay pumped on what’s to come.

We can’t thank our sponsors enough. FLY Racing and Kenda Tire USA helped bring gear and swag to the crew in 2015. We’re hoping to step that up for 2016, with deals and swag for crew and riders. Thanks for the time and we’ll see you on the trail. Remember to always enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome!

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