Buzz Tunes: The Revivalists - Men Amongst Mountains

Artist: The Revivalists
Album: Men Amongst Mountains
Release Date: July 17th, 2015
Genres: Jam, Soul, Dance Rock
Hometown: New, Orleans, LA

It’s actually surprising that when The Revivalists take the stage, the entire planet doesn't hear them playing--yes, their sound is that big. It’s not just because this band - who have performed everywhere across the country - has seven members and perform with a wide breadth on instruments. It is because there is so much passion spewing out of these guys that it’s completely impossible to ignore them. ~ Excerpt from The Revivalists Bio

Disclaimer: Though we've yet to experience the Revivalists live, we are headed to New Orleans the weekend of November 19-22 to catch a two day, hometown set from these dudes. We're beyond excited to experience their sound in a live setting, and especially in their hometown! 

We discovered this band by accident through an iTunes Radio playlist based upon another New Orleans artists, Trombone Shorty. It was one of those classic experiences where you're half paying attention and then a song comes on that shakes you out of your work-concentration reverie. The first time we heard these guys we noticed; the second time we Googled them to see what was up. Two albums and one EP download later and we're hooked. 

Enter The Revivalists newest album, released July 17th: Men Amongst Mountains. A change from their previous two albums and EP, Men Amongst Mountains seems to strike a tighter, more mature chord. It's as if the band, having been together for some time, has matured, aged like a fine, fine wine, a cask aged bourbon barrel stout, or a wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. This album is fine-ass musicianship as well as insane vocals from lead singer David Shaw.

But don't take our word for it, give the song "Wish I Knew You" a listen:

Pretty tight, right? And bonus points to David Shaw for pulling off the man-bun hair style. Looks cool. Though we swear rockstars can wear a wilted head of lettuce on their head and it would look cool, unlike the rest of us. But back to the video: we love how clean this song is but can only imagine how these guys are going to twist the throttle when they jump up on stage on November 20th-21st to rip it up for their home crowd in NOLA. We're licking our lips in anticpation and won't be surprised (and really hope) to see a few local New Orleans "City of Sound" artists jump in and add some layers of local flavor to the gumbo mix. Maybe some extra brass?

Now let's juxtapose the first video with this insane live show recorded in Key West, Florida:

Can you see and feel the energy? The live show, greasy, goodness? That's the type of energy that draws us to a band, that rawness and elevated stage presence in front of a crowd that gives us goose bumps—makes us feel alive. The Revivalists are just that: alive. A living, breathing growing mass. Living their dream and living their destiny. It's time the rest of the world hears the music of The Revivalists. Go purchase some of this soulful, heartfelt, breath-of-fresh-air music. Or even better, catch a show if they're coming to your neck-of-the-woods. 

The Revivalist Music Available on iTunes:
2015 - Men Amongst Mountains
2014 - City of Sound
2010 - Vital Signs
2008 - The Revivalists - EP

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