Big Weekend for JCR/Honda Racers

JCR riders snag coast to coast podiums. 1st GNCC XC2 for Trevor Bollinger, 2nd NH&H for Ricky Brabec & 3rd GNCC XC1 for Chris Bach!

JCR/Honda racers combined efforts deliver triple podium results! With racers Chris Bach & Trevor Bollinger battling it out at the Steele Creek GNCC in Morganton, NC and Ricky Brabec racing round 2 of the NH&H series in Murphy, ID all this past Sunday. 

Trevor Bollinger 1st place GNCC XC2 Honda CRF250R

Ricky Brabec 2nd place NH&H Honda CFR450X

Chris Bach 3rd place GNCC XC1 Honda CRF450R

"We have been working hard on this set up over the past several years preparing for a time when my JCR/Honda team would be racing both east and west coast. The crews did amazing this week congratulations to them and to the riders who were on fire each of them putting in championship level efforts." -- Johnny Campbell