Beta Race Report: Wallis Makes History at Havasu WORCS

Sportsman Cycle/Beta support racer Justin Wallis made history this past weekend winning the WORCS series race in Lake Havasu, Arizona. A first for both Wallis and Beta Motorcycles. Billed as one of the toughest of the series, the Havasu round separates the heavily stacked Pro field as endurance and conditioning play a major factor in the results. Raised in Caliente Nevada, 26 year old Wallis proved he has been doing his homework by winning the race by more than a minute. 

Justin Wallis gave Beta their first ever WORCS race victory!   
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Justin Wallis gave Beta their first ever WORCS race victory!

Wallis explains his race, "I've been training and preparing for this race for quite some time. Havasu is one of the toughest, hottest, most brutal course in our line up. It gets beat up really quick and with the all of the rocks added it's a pretty intense course. We dialed the bike in on Saturday during pro practice and got the suspension close considering if you tune it for the top stuff it will suffer on the lower section and visa versa but I feel that we got a pretty decent setting all around. I lined up and did my sight lap and got ready to do battle. The flag dropped and I was about 9th to the first turn. Justin Jones made a charge and battled that 2nd position with Dalton Shirley for the first few laps. 2nd-7th were all grouped together with Robby Bell putting on a strong charge and leaving us in the dust. I Started picking my way from 7th thru the crowd as I put my head down and let that Beta roar. I knew my training would kick in and as I made my way to the front of the battle Robby was about a minute ahead as I pit a lap earlier than him. As we come around the first hour mark I started gaining ground and closed the gap to 30 seconds, then 15, then 5. I couldn't believe that I had picked up so much time. As I made the pass I knew that now was the time fitness would come into play and in the last hour of the race I was able to put over a minute on 2nd place! It's such a surreal feeling to actually be on top and I still cant even believe it! That new Beta is one bad bike! Thank you for believing in me! I couldn't do it without all my sponsors including my mechanic Gary Smith."