Send an Email: Virginia Practice and Training Area Needs Your Support

The Board of Supervisors decides the facility's fate December 15th

The American Motorcyclist Association encourages you to send an email to the Franklin County (Va.) Board of Supervisors immediately to demonstrate your support for the creation of a motocross and trail riding training facility in Hardy, Va. Your attendance at the Dec. 15 Board of Supervisors meeting will help, especially if you live in Franklin County.

Most important, your email of support now is of critical importance.

Follow this link to send your email now!


Julie Phelps’ two sons, both AMA members, have been racing off road for years and had the good fortune to grow up in an area where they could practice right at home. Julie’s firsthand experience with the positive, family-friendly aspects of off-roading served as the inspiration to operate a motocross/off road training facility. For a better understanding of her current operation and business plan, check out this video:

Julie hired landscape and sound engineers to ensure her property can support the planned operation in compliance with local ordinances and without infringing on the rights of her neighbors. Yet, emotional complaints from uninformed neighbors prompted the county Planning Commission to recommend to the Board of Supervisors that Phelps’ application be denied. Don’t miss your chance to help gain approval for a very worthwhile project.


While local politicians pay attention mostly to local residents, all politicians are impressed by large numbers. Therefore, we have a two-part email plan.

Attached is a prewritten message the AMA will deliver directly to the 10 members of the Franklin County Board of Supervisors after just a few easy steps on your part. Please adjust the message by replacing the “XXXX’s” in paragraph #1 with where you live (Town or County & State) and in paragraph #4 with how much you typically spend per day on gas and food where you ride. Feel free to add more, if you like. Please keep the tone positive and the message focused on the benefits of dirt biking, including such points as discipline, physical activity and the economic impact.

WHEN: Send your email NOW. Then, if you live in or near Franklin County, attend the Board of Supervisors meeting at 6 p.m. Dec. 15. There will be time for public comment.

WHERE: Board Room, Government Center, 1255 Franklin St., Suite 104, Rocky Mount, Va., 24151.

CONTACT: For more information on the issues, or to share a copy of your final, edited email, contact the AMA at

Now more than ever, it is crucial that you and your riding friends become members of the AMA to help us protect our riding freedoms. More members mean more clout against the opponents of motorcycling, and your support will help the AMA fight for your rights – on the road, trail, racetrack, and in the halls of government.

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Thank you in advance for sending an email. If you do send the email, please email the AMA at with a copy of the text and questions or comments.