Colton Haaker: Killing the Video Game

By Dale Spangler

By Dale Spangler

Unless you've been hiding out under a rock somewhere or unplugged and/or off the grid, you more than likely have noticed the videos that Colton Haaker has been putting out lately. Not just a few videos here and there, but lots of videos. The guy is straight killing it right now in the video game, especially with his raw and candid VLOG series.

If you're a fan of racing like I am, then this stuff is pure gold. I simply can't get enough of these types of videos. And more than likely, like me, you’re probably tired of all the boring podium speeches and dry as a popcorn fart interviews. There's nothing there, no substance—no soul.

That's why these videos are so refreshing: they seem genuine and honest instead of contrived, which in turn allows us to feel like we’re getting to know the real Colton Haaker. I can only imagine the amount of discipline and organization it takes for Colton to maintain his daily riding/training regimen and still turn out these videos. It also requires a monetary investment for equipment and time for editing. But being a marketing guy, what I admire here most is that Colton sees the big picture: he realizes he’s building his own personal brand, investing in his future, and gaining more fans and followers with each new video.

It’s my opinion that our sport needs more of this type of genuine marketing. And when I say “our sport,” that means motorcycling in general. We don't need more memorized gobbledygook, we need more personality—good or bad. It’s hard to believe that more riders aren’t doing this already—especially on the motocross side. Of course, it's always easier said than done; but regardless, any rider out there can learn a thing or two from what Colton Haaker is doing. Here are a few of my favorites Colton has put out in the last few months: