That Time of the Year

By Dale Spangler

By Dale Spangler

[This appears in the October issue of Upshift Magazine. Big thanks to the Upshift team for allowing me to write this Insider feature.]

With the dog days of summer over, the days getting shorter and temperatures beginning to drop, fall is the perfect time of the year to get out and explore on an adventure motorcycle. With winter looming, the senses are heightened and the high color of fall foliage produces postcard-level scenery around every bend on the back roads and two-tracks of the northern hemisphere. For those in the higher latitudes, fall means it’s time to get out and get those last rides in and enjoy the cool, crisp mornings with friends before the snow begins to fly and it’s time to break out the heated clothing or park the bike for the winter. It’s fun to see the amazing photographs that appear online and in social media this time of the year because of the blazing fall colors and shorter days that produce unique light conditions.

Of course in the southern hemisphere, it’s just the opposite: places like Australia and South America are coming out of winter and headed into their spring, the circle of the riding season in its never-ending loop. No matter what the time of the year, at any given moment there is a rider out there exploring on a motorcycle, seeing what’s around that next corner, because there’s no other feeling quite like it. After years of riding dirt bikes on the motocross track, personally, it’s refreshing to eliminate the competitive element and ride for pure enjoyment. Of course, drifting a large displacement ADV motorcycle around a loose gravel corner at speed is pretty darn exhilarating too! So no matter what season you are in, get out and enjoy all that the ADV lifestyle has to offer. There’s no better way to discover the many amazing corners of this diverse planet of ours than on two wheels.

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