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The Cold 1000

"The Offseason"

The Witty Belgian

By Brad Gebhardt

By Brad Gebhardt

It’s that time of the week again. I put my trowel down and bring a Cold One from the fridge to serve up at cold one for you guys. As the clock hits the fourth quarter of October, I find myself with more to type about than usual at this time of year. No real days off in the sport of motocross and offroad racing but we are in fact in the midst of the “offseason.” Less meaningful race results to pour over but our superstars are hard at work shaking down a new bike, new gear and attending some special events. This is the time for ultimate bench racing as we hang around the tailgate after some throttle therapy to debate who will do what in Anaheim in January. Those frosty beverage fueled discussions can get heated as the passion for 2 wheels bleeds into all aspects of our lives and I don't think we can help it.

This Cold One Thousand in not unlike all that have come before it. I don't sit down to write this article without an ice cold beer (or 2) on my desk. Seems to get the juices flowing for me and none do it better than Torque Brewing's The Whitty Belgian. A traditional wheat beer made with citrus fruits. Combine this with coriander and California Sweet orange peel makes for a truly refreshing beer. I recommend all beers that I feature in these articles but seriously this might be my all time go to favorite beers to drink anytime anywhere. This emerging local brewery is seriously one on the rise so get onboard now and enjoy.


The Witty Belgian

"Traditional wheat beer made with lemons, limes and oranges. We throw in sweet California orange peel and coriander to make a truly refreshing beer." – torque_brewing

In the rearview mirror is the 2017 Monster Energy Cup and collectively I don't think fans know how to feel about the results. Marvin Musquin had a perfect night plain and simple. Two out of three main event holeshots,  28 of 30 laps led and the poise of a millionaire. It was a perfect storm for Marvin to collect a million dollar check in Las Vegas. Nothing better.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the see enough of last years MEC champion Eli Tomac. Five laps into the evening program we as fans were robbed of the athlete favored to win and from there the door was wide open for the twenty-five machine to capitalize. Prior to Eli’s early exit, he seemed to struggle with timing and accuracy with his motorcycle. The slippery soil in Vegas bit Eli and it was curtains for the 2017 outdoor champ. Once Marvin had won the first two main events, no KTM or Husqvarna athlete would stand in his way. Not out of team orders but I because this was an act of respect for the fact that Marvin was unbeatable on the night. It’s difficult to pull many conclusions from the results of the rest of the field. A one-off event carries with it the maximum risk and minimum gain for athletes who don't find themselves near the front as an injury at the 2017 Monster Energy Cup could greatly affect their entire 2018 program. What shouldn’t be ignored was Tyler Bowers top 10 overall finish on a 450. The big strong Bowers is a Supercross specialist and I think it’s safe to say that he finds full time 450 work for at least the balance of the 2018 Supercross season.

On the horizon is the 2018 Red Bull Straight Rhythm and this year they are bringing it back old school. That seems to be the thing to do. If you’ve run out of ideas, go retro and fortunately for motocross retro means 2 strokes. Mixin Gas and Haulin Ass. RV, Chad Reed, Ryan Sipes and Jordan Smith highlight a list of stars who will be shining up some tune pipes for the lights of Pomona. This is a gimmick I can’t get enough of and I hope we see more of it to come. Between the 125 Dream Race and 2 Strokes at the Straight Rhythm, I can tell you my social media blows up for these 2 stroke races.

I’ll leave you with this, motocross is about passion and participation. The fans are the participants and fuel the industry dollar by dollar. Motocross fans are some of the best people you'll come across and when you do, I hope you share a cold one.

Keep the rubber side down,

Brad Gebhardt

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