Chris Bach: You Asked the Questions, I Answered Them!

by Chris Bach

Thanks for sending these in!  The response from everyone has been great, and if your question didn't make it this time, I sincerely apologize. I will be doing these regularly, so keep them coming!

Eyanperry31 on Snapchat asks;
"What do you do to prepare yourself the day before and day of the race?"

- The day before the race for me is really just focused on relaxing, eating and hydrating, and trying to keep the mood as light as possible. I may go over the race bike just to make sure levers and everything are set right. I'll also watch the quad race and may help some buddies pit, but that’s about it. Day of the race is a bit more serious. I have a pretty strict schedule that works for me regarding what I eat, when I eat/drink, and my morning is really structured around those needs. Track walk and eating are my priorities.

Bsharff150 on Snapchat asks;
"What kind of bike setup tips can you give for the Florida GNCC?"

- This year’s (and last year’s) event is kind of difficult to set a bike up for. At the River Ranch property, it was mostly huge soft sand whoops, with a fairly easy palmetto section. That’s easy… set the bike up for the big whoops and just deal with the roots. The new course in Palatka has a big mix of dirt, sand, multiple kinds of sand, and roots all in one. Last year I raced with a pretty heavy sand setup... super stiff suspension built for stability. This year I will tame back the stiffness just a hair, but still lean towards a full sand setup. Remember, last year was fresh on this track. Now this year they have had a GNCC and some FTR races on the property, so it’s going to be a bit more blown out and rougher. You'll need a stiff setup for the big bumps. I think the bumps and holes will be more of a factor here this year than roots were last year.

Hudson Taylor on FB asks;
"I'm coming from Oklahoma to race the Georgia GNCC. I've never been to the race and was wondering how much rain the place can handle, and if it’s worth spending the money to come from Oklahoma to Georgia?"

- If this was the old Georgia property, I would recommend staying home if it rains. (please see 2014 GA GNCC). BUT, this property is ALL NEW for us GNCC folks. They've raced here before in various series, but I've never been. Rumor has it that half of the land is low, half is high, but the low land has a sand-like soft base, which should hold moisture well. If it really rains (see 2014) I wouldn't risk the $ if you aren't chasing the series. Barring a monsoon, I say come on out, it should be fine with some moisture.

Will Ashley on FB asks;
"What kind/type of fitness tracker do you prefer and why?"

- I personally use a Polar V800 with GPS and HR. I have really enjoyed this Polar product. I've used various Garmin products for years, and although they are quite superior in GPS accuracy, I think they lack in durability. I would go through two or three Garmin per year. Garmin does have a great service and warranty program, and usually this cost me nothing, but the time it took was a pain and annoying. The Polar has been on my wrist for over a year now, with a brief stint of trying the latest Garmin. I still prefer the Polar. Waterproof, durable, and reliable. A lot of top guys will use either the Polar V800 or the Garmin 920.

Zach Mehuron asks;
"What is the best way to practice when you only get to ride maybe once a week?"

- I am a HUGE proponent of QUALITY over QUANTITY. Whenever I am on my motorcycle, I have specific goals or a plan for that day. Whether that is practicing cornering or braking on the turn track, or working on sprint lap times... I always ride with a purpose, never just to turn laps.

Jason Shannon asks;
"What do you eat during the week before a race, and when was the last time you had McDonalds?"

- This is awesome, haha. My diet isn't that crazy. It is as follows; no fried food, no fast food, no dairy, no red meat. I will enjoy a steak maybe once a month. I eat turkey, chicken, fish, vegetables and fruits. Honestly I couldn't tell you the last time I have been at or through a McD's! Heavy on the water always, and I don't do Gatorade or anything. I will enjoy a glass of wine with a nice dinner once and a while.

You keep asking the questions, I’ll keep answering them. Let’s keep this rolling!

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