Chris Bach: Let’s Get More Interactive

By Chris Bach

First off, everyone, THANK YOU for reading my last blog.  It was awesome to see everyone reading it and giving all the feedback. Let’s keep that momentum rolling! I love hearing from you guys so please drop comments here, Facebook, Instagram, whatever... it’s great input.

There is no set theme for this blog. It is 100% just random thoughts through my brain put to paper for you to read. A big thing that has been on my mind lately is a little deeper than I ever intended for this blog to go but everyone loved the raw honesty in the last one, so here you go...

If you have been following me on social media (if you're not... better get on that) for any length of time, you will be familiar with this massive push I have been making to give back. Admittedly, I am closer to the end of my career than the beginning. That’s reality. We can't all race forever. As I ponder that reality, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about a LEGACY. What will my legacy be when I am done racing? Don't take that as arrogant because in no way do I mean to come off that way. I mean it as what will I have left behind that even matters 1%. In all honesty I have really struggled with this. Even if I start a 26-race win streak at round one of the 2016 GNCC... I will have two championships to my name in a couple years. That’s great for my personal goals but it does nothing for those of you reading this blog, or for those that go out to the local dirt bike shop and buy a set of Fly Racing Evo 2.0 gear because Chris Bach looks amazing in it. Don't get me wrong, I want to win 26 races in a row and I want you guys to look amazing in your Fly Racing gear also ... but does it REALLY MATTER? I'm not so sure it does in the big picture.

Chris Bach looks amazing in his Fly Racing Evo 2.0 gear ... and it looks like the rest of the JCR Honda team will, too!

Chris Bach looks amazing in his Fly Racing Evo 2.0 gear ... and it looks like the rest of the JCR Honda team will, too!

By the time this blog is posted I will have shared the plans (on social media... again why you should follow me : ) ) for one of many steps in this goal of mine to give back to you racers and families out there.  In two weeks I will be co-op hosting an Athlete Development Camp just outside of Orlando, Florida with Tom Flemming of TF Racing Tom is not a sponsor of mine, and although my sponsors will be involved, there will be many other companies involved that have ZERO connection or relation to me. However, we are all sharing the same goal of wanting to give back to the racing community and to simply show our support for those chasing their dreams and enjoying this great sport that has given us so much. 

This is going to be a two-day camp that will include an off road riding school with me working on different techniques, skills, drills, and giving everyone the same tools I use to hone my own race craft. On the flipside, Tom will be donating his time, skills, and experience to help riders with bike setup, suspension setup, and even doing some work with riders on a specific testing loop. Riders will be able to come learn new skills, work on their riding, then go over and have Tom tune on their suspension if needed and spin some laps on our test loop. We will be catering in a full lunch for everyone who wants to take part and we will have a 90-minute break where we all eat together and talk racing. We will have myself, TF Racing, and a few other special industry guests coming to talk and share what they have to offer.

The best part... it is all FREE! That’s right... FREE! There will be a $20 per car gate fee to cover land insurance, and a $15 lunch fee if a rider wants to take part in the Q & A to cover their lunch (not required, just if you want to come eat), but our time working with everyone, sharing our knowledge, and two full days-worth of awesome will be otherwise FREE.

On another note... I have been wanting to get more interactive with those of you who read this and follow me on social media. I’ve been contemplating a few ways to do this. My biggest request when people meet me or talk to me is to answer a few of their questions. These questions vary from what is my diet on race day to what air pressure should they run on their '92 KDX. What do you guys think? Would anyone be interested in a weekly or monthly interaction where I answer all your questions? I think we should try it out! Wait... no, we are definitely going to try this.

So let’s start right now. Anyone who reads this and wants to ask me a question on ANYTHING... leave your question in the comments. Facebook me your question, Instagram me, Snapchat me, whatever you want. My social contacts are here:


You ask the questions, I’ll post your question AND my answer/reply!