Chris Bach: The Pre-Season is Tough

by Chris Bach

2016 Pre-Season Training
Location: Private.

I had original plans to do this blog to start the year off but that didn’t work out, as you can tell.  It’s now January 20th, 10:40pm, and I’m just sitting down after another day of pure hell. With tomorrow starting a bit later than normal, I have time to jot some thoughts for you guys.

Pre-qual: sorry for randomness and stuff out of order. It’s a blog not a college paper, get off me.

Thought 1: racing is not easy. In fact, racing is really, really difficult. You are never the best. Even if you are KR577… 1/1/1/1, you are not the best. You may look like the best, but you are not. I am just CB4 with zero tallies to my championship goals, so clearly I am not the best either. No one is the best. Today you might be the best, but tomorrow someone else could be the best.  This cycle is tough.

Thought 2: Isn’t it weird that we have ONE sand race a year, yet we all spend more time dedicated to preparing for that ONE race than any other specific event? 

Thought 3: Pre-season training in Florida sucks. It is harder than racing most days.  You come down here completely out of race shape and addicted to your double shot-mocha-choka-Starbucks death drink of choice and immediately throw yourself into motos in 70–80-degree weather and pounding 3-foot deep sand whoops. Then for cross training, you’re cycling 25-50 miles a day, usually into a headwind, or sweating your brains out in a 105-degree yoga room.  It’s tough, but there’s a reason top trainers say, "Race weekends are your easy days."

Thought 4: I find great joy in breaking myself down to new lows. This sounds crazy I know. Just when you think you are too sore or too tired or too drained to push that last moto, that last interval, or those final few miles, you somehow find another 5-10% of energy to make it happen. You break through those mental and physical walls and find this sense of massive achievement and self-worth—usually this moment of clarity comes right after the dry heaves and your body swearing at you for the punishment you just put it through.

What a big effort day looks like via my watch ...

What a big effort day looks like via my watch ...

Thought 5: The pre-season is tough. It’s the toughest part of the year for just about everyone taking racing seriously. We’re all spending piles of money, beating our bodies down to make them stronger, spending time away from family, all to chase that feeling of a win. So much goes into each season behind the scenes that a lot of people don’t see. People always ask me: "What does it take to be a top athlete or racer?" But in all reality it’s actually a very simple answer...

"All it takes is all you got."